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Cryogenic Lyrics – Astroworld | Travis Scott | Quavo| Full Lyrics

Cryogenic Lyrics – Astroworld | Travis Scott | Quavo| Full Lyrics is a powerful and moving song that continues to resonate with listeners today. It has become viral on Instagram reels. Here are some details about the song for you.

Cryogenic Lyrics – Travis Scott | Quavo
Song Details:
Song: Cryogenic
Artist: Travis Scott
Album: Astroworld
Featur Artist: Quavo
Release: 2018
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Cryogenic Lyrics


Me and my bitch  I swear  we like the same sex
Fucked with all my chains on  that’s that chain sex  chain
Plottin’ with the gang  get your fangs wet  wet
Bankin’ with the K  gotta thang it  drop it  it’s lit,

We gon’ throw ice on  gotta swang it  ice
Hoes in the world I cannot hang with  yah
Woah  different colors sippin taintin’
Woah  hit the voltage  start vibratin’  yah…

Come to playgrounds  we do not swang  sis’
Shawty got the K  don’t entertain threats
Shawty came over  she brought the same sex
Bust it down  she talkin’ body language,

Eating that poulet  got my bangs wet
We gon’ have to change for the banquet
Solo in Mulsanne  it’s not the same specs
Pull up  left with somethin’ I ain’t came with…

Woah  woah  woah  woah..(x2)

Yeah  yeah yeah…

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