Minister of Tribal affiars,

Govt. of India.

Honora’ble  Minister JUAL ORAM was born in a poor tribal family at Kencludihi Village in sundargard district on 22/03/1961. He is a diploma holder in electrical engineering. In his early periods  he worked in public sector undertaking Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd., (BHEL).

            A 53 year old tribal leader was a two –time legislator and four time lok sabha member,  he created  history by becoming India’s first tribal affair minister in 1999, he was well know for his humility and mass contact approach.

As a cabinet minister of India. He plays a significant role for the development of our country with the at most guidance of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. He himself involved in various development program started by our Honorable Prime Minster for the development of our country in large extent.

            As the same he supported C.S.V.T. one of the leading skill development organization organizing Prime Ministers skill development program reference letter dated : 22.12.2014/D.O.No. PS to MTA 80/222/2014.

            With his precious blessing & strong support C.S.V.T. looking forward Skill Development Program & Training in new focus to minimize unemployment problem of our country through various Vocation & Skill Development Training.

            C.S.V.T. will be always thank full to our Honorable cabinet minister JUAL ORAM and wish him all success for all his development program.