Minister of Road Transport and Highways, and Shipping,

Govt. of India.

Honora’ble Cabinet Minister NITHIN GADKARI was born into middle class family in Nagpur in 1956. He is a post-graduation commerce & he also holds a degree in law.

            After a stint as Nagpur’s Mayor, Honora’ble Cabinet Minister NITHIN GADKARI began his journey into state polities. In 1989. He got elected as an MLC from the Nagpur’s graduate constituency. He served as an MLC for five terms but has note fought an Assembly election.

            In 1995,  Honora’ble Cabinet Minister NITHIN GADKARI was made Minister of Public works Department in Maharastra. As the PWD Minister. He was instrumental in streaming several projects including the Mumbai Pune Express way, and improving the lot of Mumbai’s traffic. He also served as the state chief of Maharastra.

In the 2014 Loksabha elections, Honora’ble Cabinet Minister NITHIN GADKARI has been elected from the Nagpur consistency, presently he is the Cabinet Minister of India, Minister of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping.

            As a Cabinet Minister of India. He plays a significant role for the development of our country with the at most guidance of our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. He himself involved in various development program stated  by our Honorable Prime Minster for the development of our country in large extent.

            As the same he supported C.S.V.T. one of the leading skill development organization organizing Prime Ministers Skill Development Program reference letter dated : 14.12.2014.

            With his precious blessing & strong support C.S.V.T. looking Skill Development Program in new focus to minimize unemployment problem of our country through various Vocation & Skill Development Training. Maily by providing National & International Training in  Selected Sectors.

            C.S.V.T. will be always thank full to our Honorable Cabinet Minister NITHIN GADKARI and wish him all success for all his development program.