NTPC’s Green Energy Gambit: Powering Up Valuation

NTPC, India’s largest electricity producer, is poised for a transformation driven by its ambitious renewable energy goals. With a target of 60,000 MW of renewable energy capacity by FY32, NTPC has set itself on a path to becoming one of the largest renewable energy companies in India. This shift towards clean energy is not only crucial for environmental sustainability but also holds the key to unlocking NTPC’s untapped valuation potential.

NTPC’s Renewable Energy Ambitions

NTPC’s renewable energy plans are well underway, with 20,000 MW of capacity already in various stages of execution. This includes 3,314 MW of commissioned capacity, 7,258 MW of capacity under construction, and 10,000 MW secured through tenders and bilateral tie-ups. Additionally, NTPC is actively participating in new renewable energy tenders, aiming to secure a significant share of the 50,000 MW of capacity currently up for grabs.

Transformational Impact of Green Energy

Attaining the 60,000 MW renewable energy target by FY32 would mark a significant transformation for NTPC. With renewable energy and hydro power potentially accounting for 50% of the company’s installed capacity base, NTPC would emerge as a prominent player in India’s renewable energy landscape. This shift is expected to have a positive impact on NTPC’s ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores, addressing concerns that have limited the company’s attractiveness to institutional investors.

Valuation Uplift Potential

Analysts at Jefferies India and Antique Stock Broking are optimistic about NTPC’s valuation prospects, citing the company’s renewed focus on renewable energy and its ability to capitalize on rising electricity demand. The stock has already gained 51% in the past year, reflecting growing investor confidence.


NTPC’s green energy drive is a strategic move that addresses both environmental and financial imperatives. By embracing renewable energy, NTPC is not only contributing to a sustainable future but also paving the way for enhanced valuations and unlocking its true potential. The company’s ability to execute its ambitious renewable energy plans will be crucial in determining the extent of this valuation uplift.