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📌 Song Title Shaktimaan Title Song / Shaktiman (1997)
🎞️ Movie TV Serial
🎤 Singer Vinod Rathod, Pandit Ajay Pohakar
✍️ Lyrics Asad Bhopali
🎼 Music Desi Crew
🏷️ Music Label

Shaktiman lyrics

Shaktimaan..shaktimaan shaktimaan
shakti shakti shaktimaan
shakti shakti shaktimaan
shakti shakti shaktimaan
shakti shakti shaktimaan

adbhut adamya saahas ki
pari bhaasa hai
ye mitti maanavta ki aasha hai
ye shrishti ki shakti ka vardaan hai
ye avtar nahi hai ye insaan hai
shaktimaan shaktimaan shaktimaan

ye aatmhakti hai
duniya badal sakti hai
phoolon me dhal sakti hai
sholo si jal sakti hai
hota hai jab aadmi ko
apna gyaannn
kahelaya wo shaktimaan
shaktimaan.. shaktimaan.. shaktimaan…

Shaktimaan lyrics in hindi

शक्तिमान.. शक्तिमान.. शक्तिमान..
शक्ति शक्ति शक्तिमान
शक्ति शक्ति शक्तिमान
शक्ति शक्ति शक्तिमान
शक्ति शक्ति शक्तिमान

अदभुत अदम्य साहस की परिभाषा है
ये मिटती मानवता की आशा है
ये श्रृष्टि की शक्ति का वरदान है
ये अवतार नहीं है ये इंसान है
शक्तिमान.. शक्तिमान..

ये आत्मशक्ति है
दुनिया बदल सकती है
फूलों में ढल सकती है
शोलों सी जल सकती है
होता है जब आदमी को
अपना ज्ञान.. कहलाया वो शक्तिमान
शक्तिमान.. शक्तिमान..शक्तिमान.

Famous characters in Shaktimaan (1997)

  • Shaktimaan / Gangadhar (Mukesh Khanna): The main protagonist of the series. Shaktimaan is a superhero who has attained superhuman powers through deep meditation and control over the five elements of life. His alter ego is Gangadhar, a mild-mannered journalist.
  • Geeta Vishwas (Kitu Gidwani, later replaced by Vaishnavi Mahant): A reporter who loves Shaktimaan.
  • Tamraj Kilvish (Surendra Pal): The main antagonist of the series. Kilvish is a powerful and evil sorcerer who seeks to destroy Shaktimaan and rule the world.
  • Professor Gyanesh Vishwas (Dinkar Jani): Geeta’s father and a scientist who helps Shaktimaan in his fight against evil.
  • J.J. the Mayor (Ghalib Asad Bhopali): A corrupt mayor who is often at odds with Shaktimaan.
  • Major Ranjit Singh (Brij Mohan Pandey): A brave and patriotic army officer who is Shaktimaan’s friend and confidant.

Shaktimaan was a cultural phenomenon in India and is still remembered fondly by many fans. The series was praised for its positive messages, inspiring characters, and exciting action sequences. It is considered to be one of the greatest Indian superhero television series ever made.

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