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WHEN I GROW UP LYRICS – NF NEW SONG 2019 is a powerful and moving song that continues to resonate with listeners today. It has become viral on Instagram reels. Here are some details about the song for you.

When I Grow Up Lyrics sung by Nf. The music of new English song is given by Nf, While lyrics penned by Nf.

Song Details:
Song: When I Grow Up
Singer: Nf
Music: Nf
Lyrics: Nf
Released: 2019

When I Grow Up Lyrics

Ya When I Grow Up
You Know What I Wanna Be
Take A Seat Let Me Tell
You My Ridiculous Dreams
I Wanna Rap Yeah
I Know It’s Hard To Believe
And I Can Tell You’re Already
Thinkin I Will Never Succeed
But I’m Ok With It
I Admit The Lyrics Are Weak
I’ve Been Workin On Em
I’ll Be Good Eventually
I Understand You Gotta Crawl
Before You Get To Your Feet
But I Been Running For
A While They Ain’t Ready For Me

I Know This Polly
Isn’t Really Realistic
And Honestly I Might
Not Ever Make A Difference
But That Don’t
Make A Difference
I’ma Have To Risk It
I’ve Been Crunchin Numbers You
Ain’t Gotta Be A Mathematician
To See The Odds
Ain’t Rootin For Me
I Can’t Lie Though
That’s Kinda How I Like It To Be
The Underdog Yeah You Prolly
Think You Know What I Mean
But What I’m Sayin Is They
Ever Push Me I’m Gonna Swing Yeah
I Could Go To College Get
In Debt Like Everybody Else
Graduate And Prolly Get A Job
That Doesn’t Pay The Bills
That Don’t Make A Lot Of Sense
To Me Forget The Happy Meals
I Don’t Like The Dollar Menu
I Would Rather Make A Meal

Make A Mil
Na I Said Make A Meal
Home Cookin Get The Grill How
You Want It Pretty Well
Everything I See Is Over
Done To Me, I’m Not Adele
But I’ma Get A Record Deal
And Say Hello To Mass Appeal

When I Grow Up
I Just Want To Pay My Bills
Rappin About The Way I Feel
Oh Yeah
I Just Wanna Make A Couple Mill
Leave It To The Fam In The Will Oh Yea
I Just Wanna Sign A Record Deal
Maybe Buy A House Up
In The Hills Oh Yea
Might Not Be The Best In My Field
But I Guarantee That I’ma Die Real
When I Grow Up

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