4 hours ago

    Debt Ceiling Deal Reached to Address Deficit and Boost the Economy

    The United States Congress has reached a deal to suspend the debt ceiling, averting a…
    Bollywood News
    1 day ago

    Allu Sirish’s Upcoming Film Titled “Buddy”: Glimpse Released

    The upcoming film starring Allu Sirish has been titled “Buddy.” The film’s glimpse has been…
    Bollywood News
    2 days ago

    Srichchha Pradhan Crowned Miss Nepal 2023

    Srichchha Pradhan has been crowned Miss Nepal 2023 in a prestigious beauty pageant held recently.…
    Bollywood News
    2 days ago

    Sara Ali Khan and Rakhi Sawant Twin in Red at IIFA 2023: A Fun-filled Moment

    In a lighthearted and playful moment at the IIFA 2023 event, actress Sara Ali Khan…
      1 week ago

      Jeene Ke Liye Socha Hi Nahi जीने के लिए सोचा ही नहीं (Masoom) Lyrics

      Here’s the information about the song “Jeene Ke Liye Socha Hi Nahi” from the movie/album “Masoom”: Song: “Jeene Ke Liye…
      2 weeks ago

      Machine Gun Kelly Extends Support to Megan Fox Amid Breakup Rumors

      Speculations about a potential breakup between celebrity couple Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been circulating in Hollywood. However,…
      2 weeks ago

      Is WWE Paying Randy Orton Despite Career-Threatening Injury?

      In the realm of professional wrestling, injuries are an unfortunate reality. Each time athletes step into the ring, they put…
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