20+ Best Munna bhai MBBS Dialogue

Here, we are going to tell you some of the best dialogues from the movie “Munna Bhai MBBS” that people still remember and use in their daily lives, such as commenting on social media or giving someone a dialogue.

Bhai ne bola karne ka toh karne ka

This Dialogue means “If brother says to do something, it has to be done” – Munna’s unwavering loyalty to Circuit, even in the most absurd situations.

Bapu ne kaha tha – samne waala agar galat kare toh galti uski hai, par agar tumhe gussaa aaye toh galti tumhari hai.

This Dialogue means “My father said – If the person in front of you does something wrong, it’s their fault, but if you get angry, it’s your fault.”

Zindagi mein kabhi haar mat maan na, yaar…kyunki har jeet ke baad hi haar aati hai.

This Dialogue means “Never give up in life, friend…because every win is followed by a loss.

Ganpatti bappa moriya! Mangal moorti roopiya! Sab par mera dil aaya! Tu to dil le gaya Munna Bhai!

This is a chant that Munna Bhai uses to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Munna Bhai MBBS hoon main…Doctor nahi huun, insaan hoon!”

This Dialogue means “I am Munna Bhai MBBS…I am not a doctor, I am a human being!

Life mein jab time kam rehta hai na, double jeene ka shaunk chadh jaata hai

This Dialogue means “When you have less time left to live, the urge to double-live your life kicks in” – Munna says this to Zaheer, motivating him to fight his illness.

Doctor toh hum banenge hi, pyaar se, darr se, ya maar peet ke, banenge zarur

This Dialogue means “I will become a doctor, for sure, either with love, fear, or by beating and bullying” – This is Munna’s defiant declaration to Asthana, showcasing his determination.

206 type ka sirf haddi hai… toh apun sochte they jab hum todein toh kya todega?

This Dialogue means “206 bones just make up the skeleton… so I used to wonder what would break when I hit someone” – Munna’s innocent interpretation of medical knowledge cracks everyone up.

Foreign? Main foreign? Main toh Jaunpur ka hoon. Foreign ke baap ka yaar hu main!

This Dialogue means “Foreign? Me foreign? I’m from Jaunpur. I’m a friend of the dad of foreign!” – Munna’s confusion when Circuit calls him “foreign” due to wearing a fancy suit is side-splitting.

Bapu ne kaha tha, hamesa khush raho, kyunki khushi hi Bhagwaan ka roop hai

This Dialogue means “My father said, always be happy, because happiness is the form of God” – Munna reminds Zaheer of his father’s wisdom, providing comfort and hope.

Zindagi mein har kisi ko ek mauka toh milna chahiye na Circuit?

This Dialogue means “Everyone deserves a chance in life, right Circuit?” – Munna pleads with Asthana for another chance for Zaheer, showcasing his empathy and belief in second chances.

Mard ko dard nahi hota, sirf cigarette jalaata hai

This Dialogue means “A real man doesn’t feel pain, he just lights a cigarette” – This macho line delivered by Munna while getting hurt is both funny and ironic.

Zindagi ke har natak mein ek hota hai nayak

This Dialogue means “There’s a hero in every play of life” – Munna declaring himself the hero of his own medical school journey.

Apne to life mein sirf ek hi maqsad rakha hai…ki har bimar ko hasa ke theek kar doonga

This Dialogue means “My only goal in life is to cure every patient with laughter” – Munna’s heartfelt statement to Asthana showcases his unique approach to medicine.

Badi muddat se mere dil mai ek tasveer behti hai, teri zulfon ki chaao mai meri taqdeer behti hai

This Dialogue means “A picture of you dances in my heart, my destiny flows in the shadow of your hair” – Munna’s butchered romantic poetry to Zaheer’s love interest is both funny and endearing.

Bhai yeh room toh … shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya 

This Dialogue means “Brother what room is this … it ends as it starts”

Bhai … tension nahin lene ka bhai

This Dialogue means “Brother … don’t take tension brother”

Aye Mamu … jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam

This Dialogue means “Hey brother … give a magical hug and end the matter”

Agar do logon mein connection ho na, feelings ho na … toh dil ki awaaz dil se sun sakte hai

This Dialogue means “If there is connection and feelings between two people … then their hearts talk to each other”

These dialogues are often used in a humorous or ironic way. They can be used to express a wide range of emotions, from happiness to sadness to anger. They are also a reminder of the film’s popularity and its lasting impact on Indian culture.