Randeep Hooda’s Astonishing Transformation for “Veer Savarkar” Biopic

In the upcoming biopic film on Veer Savarkar, actor Randeep Hooda has undertaken a remarkable transformation for his role as the title character. According to the film’s producer, Anand Pandit, Hooda followed an extremely strict diet regimen, consuming only one date (khajoor) and a glass of milk each day for a period of four months. This rigorous diet helped Hooda shed an astounding 26 kilograms (57 pounds) in order to accurately portray the character.

The film aims to depict the life and achievements of Veer Savarkar, a revered figure in India’s independence movement. Hooda’s dedication to the role is evident through his commitment to the challenging physical transformation. The producer’s revelation about Hooda’s extreme diet showcases the actor’s determination to bring authenticity and depth to his portrayal of Savarkar.

Hooda’s drastic weight loss for the film demonstrates his professionalism and willingness to go to great lengths for his craft. Fans and audiences eagerly await the release of the biopic, hoping to witness Hooda’s immersive performance and gain insights into the life of Veer Savarkar.