CSVT is an online service provider based on the definition in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We are serious about Copyright violation and take all steps to protect the copyrights of the legal owners of images. If you are copyright owner of any content appearing on this website and if you haven’t authorized its use, you should notify us of the same in writing so that we can identify the content and remove it.

In downloading, sharing or using any image, picture or background on this website, it is expected that you have read the copyright policy given here. This website and its partner sites, if any, adhere strictly to the DMCA. The rightful ownership of the respective images is maintained fully.

The images found here have been collected through the use of search engines and CSVT upholds the copyrights of the rightful owners. When a visitor to this website downloads a picture, they can do so only for personal use. The use of any image for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

If CSVT receives proper notification about claimed infringement of copyright, we will take immediate action through removal or disabling of access to the concerned material. We will comply with the provisions laid down by the DMCA in dealing with any such notification.

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