Electric Two-Wheelers: The Driving Force Behind India’s EV Revolution

While the United States’ electric vehicle (EV) revolution faces challenges, India’s focus on electric two-wheelers is gaining momentum. With a government target of 70% of new two-wheeler sales being EVs by 2030, India is poised to make significant strides in reducing pollution and embracing sustainable transportation.

Challenges in the US EV Market

  • Declining demand: EV demand in the US is petering out after an initial surge.

  • Dealership concerns: US car dealerships are expressing anxiety about the proposed Electric Vehicle Mandate, which aims to shift dramatically to battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

  • Slowing investment: Carmakers are putting on hold billions of dollars of investment in building EV capacities due to slowing demand.

India’s Electric Two-Wheeler Boom

  • Rising sales: Sales of electric two-wheelers in India are booming, with annual sales reaching 1.3 million units in fiscal 2023.

  • Targeted approach: The Indian government has wisely focused on promoting electric two-wheelers, given the country’s large two-wheeler market.

  • Environmental benefits: Electric two-wheelers can significantly reduce pollution in Indian cities.

Factors Driving the Shift to Electric Two-Wheelers

  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost per kilometer for an electric scooter is nearly a fifth of that based on an internal combustion engine.

  • Abundant choice: Customers now have a wide range of electric two-wheelers to choose from.

  • Price decline: Prices of electric two-wheelers are steadily declining.

  • Quality improvements: Quality of electric two-wheelers is improving.

Future Outlook

While motorcycles, which outsell scooters and mopeds in India, have not yet embraced electrification, the signs are encouraging that Indian two-wheeler users are warming up to EVs. India’s focused strategy on electric two-wheelers, coupled with cost-effectiveness and improving quality, is likely to further accelerate the EV revolution in the country.


India’s push for electric two-wheelers offers a promising approach to reducing pollution and promoting sustainable transportation. With a clear government strategy, a growing consumer base, and continuous improvements in technology, India is well-positioned to lead the way in electric two-wheeler adoption.